комаха party

Slightly danced and entertained themselves and guests.Slightly worked on design of a chill – area. Have had an experience of griping decorations on a marble wall and plasterboard ceiling without dowels, drilling and surface damage !!! Magic!!! Chucky again showed miracles) Photo BEFORE …..


The night in the museum

Presentation of the prodgect “Marevo” as part of international “Night in the museum” 16/05/2015 http://www.mykolayiv-oda.gov.ua/ua/news/?id=17912 http://nikvesti.com/news/culture/69391 http://news.vnikolaeve.info/2015/05/novij-den-nich-u-muzei/ http://times.mk.ua/News/26717/bolee-1500-nikolaevcev-proveli-uikend-v-muzeyah-v-ramkah-akcii-evropeyskaya-noch-muzeev http://www.mukola.net/news.php?id=68725