POI Spinner (torsion) unique kind of circus arts. The development of the body is so important as mental abilities. But torsion simultaneously working with the body and synchronize both hemispheres of the brain! Due to the asynchronous work of the both hands and choreographe ellements we  achieved an  incredible effect! Not only the body becomes stronger, but the mental abilities are improving!


Founded in 2009 by a group of enthusiasts from the city LVIV.

Our main  aim to develop a unique art of  SPINNING, twisting, juggling.

Combining  plastic and Technology   learn to use Fire spin  tools.

- Does not require prior physical training

- Harmoniously-developing body movements

- No age restrictions

- Training take place without the use of fire

Although the fire show is not new, but still needs  an explanations what it is. Originates from the traditional Maori dance that Europeans improved to circus arts!

Unlike most types of  sports areas and dance genres   tools and elements  is still created !

If you achieve a good technical level, possibly you  will contribute of  the development  of SPINERS ART!

You can examine  an ARTIST  inside yourself !

We will help you to develop your talents and feel the real performance!